Friday, 8 February 2013


So my wig arrived for my Miyuki Takara cosplay today from Yay!
I am so impressed with it, no words can explain. It's exactly like it is on the website image, which is always brilliant. The colour is perfect and the length is just right, although I didn't expect it to be as curly, but the curls have softened so they're not as tight any more.

I bought the Megurine Ruka Long Pink wig which is measured on the website as 105-110cm. I fell in love with it when I saw it and after looking at the price I had to have it. At £12 this was a too good to be true! So I did some research on the site, to see if it was reliable and after reading good review after good review I snapped it up.

The price of the wig was $19.83 (£12ish) and because of the time limit I had on the upcoming anime expo I needed this asap so I opted for 3-6 day FedEx delivery which was around about £12.50 I think. However, the one thing that let this company down for me was the fact that during the shipping they had a problem and my parcel ended up getting sent back to them on the Friday after it had been dispatched on the Tuesday, this I didn't mind as much but they didn't inform me of the delay until I emailed them asking about my order. This I found to be really annoying as I'd paid £12 for 6 day's or less delivery and it was now nearing a week. In addition to this when I was given the tracking code it didn't work for quite a few days, which I know can be an issue with allot of people anyway. But other than these few things everything else was perfect.

I am delighted with this product because the quality is so good. I am a first-time wig buyer and even I can tell that this is good material. It malted a little bit when I first put it on but only a few strands. It's soft and shiny and the curls fall nicely. The colour is perfect and the length is great and just what I needed for my character. The bangs also fit my face nicely and there was no need for trimming, which was good because I was anxious about having to cut them if necessary. The wig cap is also adjustable but I had no need to adjust mine as I have quite allot of hair so it was a snug fit!

I am so happy with this website and I will 100% be using them again. For the price of this product it's amazing quality and the shipping was fast, despite the slight glitch. They're definitely a reliable company!

I would definitely recommend wig-supplier !!  ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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- M.

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