Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Saturday nights

Before Christmas I bought an outfit for a party, and I decided to go for something a little different, and I'll admit it turned out better than planned.
I purchased an entire outfit (except the shoes) off a website called Missguided Fashion. I had used this website before but only for the odd item of clothing.
I bought a black, long sleeved crop top which cost me about £8ish, I also bought a shiny, rose coloured skirt which was £18. I topped off the outfit with a gold, spiked chain necklace which was about £9. I was a abit hesitant to see how the outfit turned out but I really liked it when it finally arrived (5 days after ordering). 
Despite the fact that my order came in 5 business days they gave me a 10% discount off my next order for the slight delay! 
Aside from my Missguided items I wore some black peep-toe, high heels and a gold and black belt from River Island. I can't remember how much these items cost exactly but the belt was quite expensive. 
Skirt appears gold because of the lighting and flash.

I would definitely recommend Missguided for future use! I'm not sure if they ship outside the UK, but if they do then I would urge you to buy off this website. All items are good quality, long lasting and a decent price!

- M.

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