Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weird addictions

So I have allot of really weird addictions, but one of the mains ones is how much I love k-pop... I guess this could be considered normal because of how much I love Japan and stuff but I would go as far as to say that I like Korean pop music more than English music, is that odd?
I have a really big thing for Girls Generation and Super Junior, which are two really popular Korean bands.
Girls Generation are, as you can guess, a girl band and they consist of 9 members. Which is a pretty big group, especially compared to English group bands! I love this band because the music is so, so catchy (despite the fact I don't understand what they're saying) and they're all adorable. One of my favourite songs by them is a recent release called "I Got A Boy" but I also love the songs "Gee" and "Oh!".

Super Junior are a purely all-boys band and they also have 9 currently active members. I love this band and I have been listening to them for about 3/4 years now. In addition to my love for their music, they're all beautiful! My favourite member is Cho Kyuhyun... Oh my god, just wow. My favourite song by them is "Break Down" which is a recent release as well. Even some of my pessimistic friends enjoyed it!

I would definitely recommend these bands if you're into Asian pop!
Random post #2.

- M.

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