Saturday, 2 February 2013

Daily make-up routine

So I try not to wear make-up on a daily basis because it's bad for your skin but when I do I often just wear foundation, bronzer/blusher, mascara and sometimes eyebrow pencil.
I like "the natural look" because I think it suits me more than piling on the pounds of make-up! I also use products on my skin to help keep it healthy and spot-free. So if you're interested!

Skin care routine:
I use Johnson's 24hour day cream every night after washing my face with soap and warm water. I never use things like shower gel on my face as they can cause dry skin and itching. I also use Sudocrem which is actually a nappy-rash cream... Haha! But it's really good to use when you've got spots. I use this on spotty parts of skin and leave it on over-night and usually by the morning they're gone. I would definitely recommend this if you have spots. Both can be found at your local shop/pharmacy for about £3.

Make-up routine:
For my daily make-up I use Mabelline Fit Me foundation, I haven't had it for long and I actually really like it. It's really light and doesn't sit in your pores. Although the colour charts are a bit weird. When I bought this I got the palest colour they did (because I'm really pale) but it came out like... Orange. So I have to use it very sparingly. But I would recommend it! I also use Mabelline Colossal Volume mascara. I love this mascara because it's not clumpy and stays on your eyelashes (doesn't flake). I sometimes use liquid eye-liner but not very often because it usually makes my eyes look really heavy and over the top. I use Rimmel London bronzer on my cheekbones because it gives my face a bit of definition because I'm quite baby-faced. I also sometimes use Rimmel London eyebrow pencil. All of these brands are cheap and reliable and can be found in most supermarkets or online. I personally buy all my make-up off a website called Feel Unique because they do most brands at a discounted price.

Make-up appliers:
I noticed that when applying my foundation that it came on quite uneven and patchy so I looked into buying a foundation brush. I ended up buying Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge and it's amazing. It's shaped well and makes your skin look airbrushed! It's a must-buy item!

Hope this helps some of you!

- M.

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