Saturday, 16 February 2013

Miyuki Takara cosplay

The day finally arrived... Telford Anime Expo 2013!
I decided to do a post on my outfit and the actual event separate otherwise it would be too long... If you've recently read my blog you'll know that I was planning to cosplay as Miyuki Takara from Lucky Star if you have no clue, click HERE

Today was actually the first time I'd tried on the wig with the outfit so I was a bit apprehensive to see what it looked like, but despite this I actually loved it!

Sorry about the inconsistent quality of the photo, I used my mom's phone for one and my friend's phone for the other, haha.

I thought I actually looked pretty good baring in mind the short time I had to figure it all out! The costume was a bit too big for me so it hung quite baggy off me which was a shame but I loved it regardless. I was also pleased with how well my wig held up, it didn't itch and it stayed on my head well. 

One thing that didn't work out very well was the glasses... Sigh! The only ones I could find in time were rectangular whilst hers are circular and they were actually too small for my face!! Haha, ooops. In addition to these I just wore some black tights and my normal school shoes, which saved me some money.

I don't actually think these photos do it any justice it looked pretty good, if I do say so myself... Haha!


- M.

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