Saturday, 16 February 2013

Telford Anime Expo 2013!

Ah, today was probably one of the best days ever!
I went to Telford Anime Expo for the first time today (shameful that it's my first time, I know) but I've always been busy, sigh. It was amazing.
As stupid as it sounds what made it so amazing was seeing how many people turned out, and I know how dumb this sounds, but I felt like less of a... Weirdo? I know this sounds harsh but I'm always being made fun of by my friends for watching anime and stuff but just seeing how many people in my area alone watch it was so cool! Everyone was super friendly and nice, and I kept getting hugs off random people... Good thing? Haha! I also had a lot of people asking to take photos of me and my friends, which was awesome.

I didn't manage to get loads of photos because I was too distracted by all the amazing stuff ((*3*)) But I got a few!

All the stalls were amazing and I was so happy to see the TofuCute stall... I always buy off their website because everything is, well... Cute! They sold some really good stuff and the one woman who was working behind it was the prettiest person ever! They also had two stalls devoted to k-pop bands which was mind-blowing. The one woman who ran one of the stalls was so nice and she kept talking to me about the different bands, I wanted to buy everything! I wish I'd had more money because I would of bought so much more!!
What probably made today though was how many people were cosplaying and some of them were pronominal but then again... Some were so bad. There was allot of people who'd obviously hand-made their own costumes and they were beyond anything I could ever wish to do. There was so many different types of people, like people you'd look at and never in your wildest dreams would you of thought they'd watch anime but apparently they do! (Some really good looking people too... Oooh)
Everyone was so overly nice and sociable, I guess it's because we all shared a common interest but having people come up to you and randomly hug you was so random but awesome!


When I saw this I had to have it... I love everything Studio Ghibli so when I saw this I really wanted it! It's so soft and cuddly. It was only £15! I can't remember the name of the stall that this is off but they had allot of little plush teddies which were super cute.

Oh my god... I saw these and I couldn't get over how cute they were. They're just two separate hair accessories but they suited my wig really well (and I will be using it more often, haha!) although they were a bit pricey for what they are and the material I really loved them. These were off the TofuCute stand as well, bonus!

Now... As bad as this sounds I don't actually know what anime this mug had on it buuuuuuuut I thought it was cute so I bought it! Am I a bad person? Haha.
I was so drawn to it?!

Ah I wish I could write more but I'm so tired after today, yawwwwwwn. But today was amazing and I will definitely be going again! Thank you amazing people!

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- M.

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