Monday, 18 February 2013

Sweet Lolita

I've decided that I am going to dress in sweet Lolita for the next convention, yay!
Downside to this is... The convention is in a months time which means I'm going to have to get a dress, shoes, wig, socks, hair bow, bag and make-up before then!!! ((*~*))
If you don't know what "sweet lolita" is then I reccomend watching this video, if you do know what it is then watch it anyway because it's cute!

I'm getting my dress, shoes, socks and hair bow off a website called Bodyline and they're known for their good quality Lolita items, but at a decent price! I am also getting my wig off wig-supplier! I'm not sure where to get a petticoat yet, as Bodyline don't do them, and I need a little shirt to go under my dress.
So far my total amount needed for these items is a little over £100... Ooops! This doesn't include the petticoat and shirt?! So I'm going to work extra shifts to get these, committed..!

I've always wanted to wear Lolita clothing I've just never really got the chance so now I finally do I'm really excited... I just wonder if I can pull it off?

Wish me luck!

- M.

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