Saturday, 26 January 2013


So I've realised that although I've had my blog up for a few days now I haven't attached an image of myself or anything (not that many people visit here anyway) but for those of you amazing people who do then, tadah!

Well... As you can see I'm ginger and super freckly! I'm also 5"10 (177cm) which is pretty tall, even for a British girl. I have a pretty laid back sense in fashion, I like cute clothes and I'm quite girly when it comes to wearing dresses and skirts, although I used to be quite a tomboy.
I have naturally really curly, thick hair... Which is so hard to tame! I often get complimented on my hair more than anything because it is pretty different. I think my hair added with my height makes me stand out quite a lot, is that good? Haha!
Like your average girl I live eat and breath buying clothes and shoes... Yep! I like getting new things because it makes me feel pretty ((*3*))

Just a quick introduction post!
- M.

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