Thursday, 24 January 2013

Tokyo Fashion

It's currently 11.03pm here and although I wouldn't normally be in bed I've got an exam tomorrow (Physics, aaaaah!!) and I can't sleep what-so-ever. So I decided to flick through my favourite Facebook page which is Tokyo Fashion... I love their photography it's amazing and it almost always fills me with envy that I don't have the pleasure of living in such a diverse and beautiful place like Harajuku and Tokyo. I love flicking through their street fashion photos in my spare time, because they're truly perfect. The pop-culture that surrounds Japan is amazing, and so unique. I love all the different types of trends that these photographers manage to capture... Everything from the girl in the everyday, shopping clothing to the groups of girls dressed in Lolita, which by the way I would kill to be able to wear! I just can't get over how much it makes me smile when I see these images of these people who are happy as they are, they're happy to stand out and be different and they're secure within their own skin. 
Aside from the fashion photos Tokyo Fashion take phenomenal photos of the surroundings. Photos that I'd pay good money to buy on a canvas to have on my bedroom wall. They manage to perfectly capture the colours, lights, weather and feelings. A few of my favourite photos have been taken by these people and I can't begin to explain to you how much talent it must take to be able to grip people onto images so much. They don't move, or talk but still they are hypnotic!
~ Random 'should be asleep' post over~

Please check them out if you can:
- M.

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